About Dana Kennedy

I live in Mentor, Ohio (near Cleveland) on the shores of Lake Erie with my wife, Sally, and my son, Andy, who has Down syndrome.  

Andy at the Newport Aquarium

Andy at the Newport Aquarium


 Since I travel extensively for work, I’m not at home long enough to become disgusted by the climate here – see Sally’s blog for a different point of view!   As an engineer, I’m fascinated by any kind of mechanical equipment, and I’ve been interested in optics for most of my life – hence, my involvement in photography and lately, amateur astronomy.    I’ll be posting my attempts at astrophotography as I learn the process.

I’m also very interested in cycling; I have three French Motobecane road bikes that I have restored from varying degrees of decrepitude. I ride all three regularly, and I’m constantly looking for a new restoration project. Riding for fitness has been very helpful to my health and my outlook; I highly recommend that you get a bike and ride it regularly!

3 Responses to About Dana Kennedy

  1. Taranjit Singh Dhillon says:

    hey dana,friend i just went through your blog thru a link u posted on a bladeless fan website,your blogs are awesome.great to learn from you.me too a mechanical engineer,keep blogging forever bro…….!!!

  2. Love your site man keep up the good work

  3. june mcdaniels says:

    I am the race director of a one mile ocean swim in VA Beach. I would like to donate all the race proceeds this year to the Virginia Center for Wildlife because they are caring for our Norfolk Botanical Gardens eaglets (their eagle(cam) mom was hit by an airplane!). If possible, I would like to use your “Mama’s taking a rest before embarking on a hunt for food” black and white image for our race t-shirts this year to honor the eagle Mom. It is such a beautiful image and captures all that we love about these birds! please let me know of any conditions (or fees) you have for using your images. thank you.

    p.s. we are all so heartbroken about the mom eagle. she has been a star on the eaglecam for years, so we all knew her well. Her 3 eaglets were 5 weeks old when she was hit.

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